Chinese Man Executed In Japan For Killing Four

Chinese man executed in Japan for killing four

Japanese authorities have executed a Chinese death-row inmate convicted of killing a family of four in the city of Fukuoka, southwestern Japan.

Authorities executed Wei Wei, a former student in Japan, on Thursday.

He was charged with killing and robbing the Japanese family in 2003. His death sentence was finalized in 2011.

Justice Minister Masako Mori told reporters that it was an extremely cold-blooded and brutal incident that killed all family members, including children aged 8 and 11, who had lived happily, for truly selfish reasons.

Mori said the death sentence was finalized after a sufficient trial process. She said she ordered the death penalty to be carried out after giving it very careful consideration as justice minister.

This was the first execution since August and also the first under Mori, who became justice minister in October.

Wei is the 39th inmate executed since Shinzo Abe made his comeback as prime minister in 2012. The executions were carried out in 17 rounds.