City Workers In Koka Going Ninja

City workers in Koka going ninja

Civil servants in western Japan are working in ninja outfits to promote their city.

The employees at the Koka city office began wearing the costumes on Monday to promote Ninja Day on Friday, February 22. The city is one of the birthplaces of ninjas.

The day is associated with ninjas because the Japanese word for "two" sounds similar to "nin."

Workers in dark-colored costumes started their day by calling out "nin, nin, nin."

A female employee in a red ninja outfit said the attire is so comfortable she can work at ninja-like speed.

An official in charge of tourism planning, Hiroshi Yoshikawa, said he wants to promote the city to the world as the home of the Koka ninja school.

The city of Iga, the other ninja homeland, in neighboring Mie Prefecture, has joined Koka in promoting Ninja Day.