Cocaine Found In Dead Japanese Man On Plane

Cocaine found in dead Japanese man on plane

Mexican authorities say large quantities of cocaine have been found in the body of a Japanese man who died on a plane in Mexico.

Judicial authorities in the northern state of Sonora said in a statement on Sunday that 246 packets of the drug were found in the man's stomach and intestines.

They say the 42-year-old apparently died of an overdose.

The man was on a flight on Friday from Mexico City to Narita Airport near Tokyo. Authorities say the man began convulsing shortly after the plane took off. He was later pronounced dead.

The man had travelled from Colombia's capital Bogota to Mexico City.

State authorities suspect he may have been smuggling the cocaine. They plan to investigate the case jointly with the federal government.

The Japanese Embassy in Mexico City also says it is looking into the man's death.