Cold Presents New Challenge In Disaster Area

Cold presents new challenge in disaster area

People affected by the typhoon and subsequent flooding continue to struggle as temperatures drop across the country.

At the evacuation center in Miyagi Prefecture, countermeasures against extreme cold are being taken. Simple beds made of cardboard were set up to ensure evacuees don't have to sleep on a cold floor.

Stoves were brought in at an evacuation center in Fukushima to keep evacuees warm. About 4,000 people across Japan have been evacuated from their homes.

More than 110 levees were breached due to torrential rain, flooding about 42,000 houses across Japan.

Twenty-eight people died in Fukushima Prefecture in northeastern Japan. Some died while trying to protect their flooded workplaces.

Masaaki Yamaguchi was one of them. He was told on Saturday night that the hospital where he worked was flooded. He went there to save the instruments and equipment from water damage.

Yamaguchi and his colleague went missing Sunday morning, after leaving the hospital in a canoe. The two were later found on the side of a nearby road and confirmed dead.

Rescuers continue to search for nine people who are still missing, and the death toll has risen to 77.

Weather officials are warning that more rain could be in store for northern and eastern Japan on Friday and Saturday.

They're urging people in disaster-hit areas to stay alert. They say even a small amount of rain could trigger more floods and landslides.