Cooked Radish Served At Year - End Ritual In Kyoto

Cooked radish served at year-end ritual in Kyoto

A Buddhist temple in Kyoto is holding its annual year-end event serving cooked Japanese radish, or daikon, to pray for the good health of visitors.

The Senbon Shakado temple's "Daikodaki" is a celebration of the Buddha's spiritual awakening and is said to date back about seven centuries.

The ritual is held on December 7 and 8 every year at the temple's compound.

Chopped daikon was cooked with abura-age, or sliced deep-fried bean curd, in large pots each about one meter wide.

On Saturday morning, people formed long lines in freezing weather to buy a bowl of the hot dish.

A woman in her 60s from Otsu City, near Kyoto, said that the daikon is well-cooked and delicious. She added that she wants to stay in good shape and come to sample the dish every year.

Around 15,000 bowls are served during the 2-day event.