Daytime Highs Top 40 Degrees In Niigata, Yamagata

Daytime highs top 40 degrees in Niigata, Yamagata

Warm air from a severe tropical storm has brought a heatwave to areas facing the Japan Sea, with especially high temperatures in the Hokuriku region and northeastern Japan.

In Tainai City, Niigata Prefecture, the mercury had risen to 40.7 degrees by 1:30 p.m. on Thursday. In the Teradomari district of Nagaoka City, the temperature climbed to 40.6 degrees. Sanjo City had a high of 40 degrees.

In Yamagata Prefecture, the mercury rose to 40.4 degrees in the Nezugaseki district of Tsuruoka City.

Temperatures of more than 38 degrees were recorded in Hakui City in Ishikawa Prefecture and Kitaakita City in Akita Prefecture.

The Meteorological Agency says warm air from severe tropical storm Krosa is flowing over the mountains that cut through the nation, forming foehn winds that are blowing down to the Japan Sea.

Weather officials are advising people to stay hydrated, to avoid exercising outdoors, and to use air-conditioning to prevent heatstroke.