Defense Ministry Apologizes For Faulty Aegis Data

Defense Ministry apologizes for faulty Aegis data

The Defense Ministry is continuing its efforts to gain the understanding of the people of Akita City in northeastern Japan on its plan to deploy a land-based missile interceptor system known as Aegis Ashore.

The ministry is seeking to deploy the US-made system at the Ground Self-Defense Force's Araya Training Area.

About 90 people attended a public meeting set up by the ministry on Sunday night to explain the results of a related survey.

Ministry officials apologized for using flawed data when it earlier explained that other areas in the Tohoku region were unsuitable due to factors such as high mountains that would block radar signals.

At Sunday's session, they explained that the data included miscalculated angles for diagrams of cross-sections of mountains.

Shigeki Ito, the chief of the Defense Ministry's Tohoku Defense Bureau, also apologized for a bureau official who dozed off at a public meeting on Saturday.

The residents at Sunday's meeting made a series of critical comments and expressed their distrust.

Some accused the ministry of choosing the Araya Training Area as the deployment site from the beginning. Others said the data discrepancy was too big.

An 18-year-old woman said she cannot feel secure when she is told that this is safe by people who make mistakes in simple calculations.