Detained Japanese Heading Home From N.korea

Detained Japanese heading home from N.Korea

A Japanese man who had been detained in North Korea is on his way back to Japan via China.

A flight carrying the man left Pyongyang and arrived in Beijing on Tuesday morning.

The man was met by Japanese embassy officials at the airport and is expected to return to Japan by the end of the day.

North Korea's state-run media has identified him as Tomoyuki Sugimoto.

Japanese government sources say he was detained earlier this month on suspicion of taking footage of military facilities in the western port city of Nampo.

The Japanese government had been working through its embassy in Beijing, calling for his release as soon as possible.

North Korea announced on Sunday night the decision to deport him.

The Korean Central News Agency said the man was detained and questioned by government officials because he violated the law.

But it did not specify which law, and it did not disclose further details.

The agency said officials decided to deport him on humanitarian principles.

Japanese embassy officials in Beijing are expected to hear more from the man about how he was taken into custody.