Diet To Deliberate Improper Job Statistics

Diet to deliberate improper job statistics

Japan's Lower and Upper House labor committees are expected to meet later this month to discuss faulty job statistics.

The labor ministry has admitted that it has used flawed polling methods for years to compile its monthly labor surveys.

The data covers wages and working hours. The ministry is supposed to survey all major businesses with payrolls of at least 500 people, but it only covered one third of such firms in Tokyo.

The flawed data led to underpayment of unemployment benefits and accident compensation.

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party's Diet Affairs chief Hiroshi Moriyama said they should take measures to make sure this never happens again.

The ruling coalition appears to be wanting to settle the issue before it impacts budget deliberations and the upcoming Upper House election.

Akira Nagatsuma, deputy president of the opposition Constitutional Democratic Party, said his party takes the issue seriously. He said the scandal could shake trust in Japan.