Disabled Lawmaker Calls For Accessible Toilets

Disabled lawmaker calls for accessible toilets

A Japanese lawmaker with severe physical disabilities has asked the government to build more barrier-free toilets at disaster shelters.

Eiko Kimura won a seat in the Upper House election in July. She represents a new party called Reiwa Shinsengumi.

Kimura asked her first question at a land and transport committee meeting on Tuesday. She used a special microphone, and was supported by a secretary and a caregiver.

Kimura said the government should increase the number of toilets that are accessible to wheelchair users at facilities that would be used as evacuee shelters during natural disasters.

Land and transport minister Kazuyoshi Akaba responded that his ministry will study the request positively.

After the session, Kimura told reporters she wants the government to understand the problems facing people with disabilities. She said she has always had hard time finding accessible toilets herself, so she hopes the problem will be solved quickly.