Doctor Killed In Afghanistan Bonded With Locals

Doctor killed in Afghanistan bonded with locals

A survivor of an attack in Afghanistan that killed Tetsu Nakamura has told NHK the Japanese doctor had been working closely with the local community.

Nakamura, from Japan-based NGO Peshawar-kai, was shot in the ambush on Wednesday in Jalalabad in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar.

NHK exclusively interviewed the man, a member of staff in the branch of Peshawar-kai that had been overseen by Nakamura.

The worker was driving the car behind the one that carried Nakamura during the attack by unidentified gunmen, which left a total of six people dead.

The man said Nakamura attended a ceremony marking the completion of an irrigation canal on December 3, the day before his death. Nakamura was involved in its construction.

He said Nakamura thanked the man when he served tea and biscuits in the morning, as he did every day.

The man said he carried Nakamura on his back immediately after the attack. He tried to take him to hospital by placing him on the front passenger seat of a car, but couldn't as the attack left the vehicle with flat tires.

He says he then carried Nakamura to the back seat of an emergency vehicle.

Afghan police continue to investigate why the Japanese aid worker, respected by many locals, came under attack.