Doctors Make Guideline For Coronavirus Treatment

Doctors make guideline for coronavirus treatment

Medical experts in Japan have drawn up recommendations for coronavirus treatment options.

The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine and the Japanese Association for Acute Medicine compiled the first guideline of its kind after analyzing reports from across the world.

The guideline offers a strong recommendation for the use of steroid dexamethasone on patients with moderate to severe symptoms, but also strongly advises against using it in mild cases.

It gives a weak recommendation on remdesivir for patients with moderate to severe symptoms.

Remdesivir, the first medicine approved in Japan for coronavirus patients, is not recommended for mild cases so far, because its efficacy for them has not been proven.

The two organizations say they will publicize the guideline on their websites and keep updating it.

The president of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Nishida Osamu, said the guideline was made by organizing a wide-range of information about coronavirus treatments. He hopes that it will help doctors to treat patients.