Don't Miss The Boat From Haneda Airport To Akihabara

Don't miss the boat from Haneda Airport to AkihabaraInstead of hopping on a train, tourists could soon be able to board a boat for a leisurely trip from Haneda Airport to Akihabara, Tokyo's center of manga and anime culture.
A government-affiliated group will start an eight-day trial of passenger boat services from Sept. 19.
"We hope to establish a regular-running ferry route before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics," a transport ministry official said.

The ferry will pass under more than 30 bridges, and offer views of aircraft flying to and from Haneda, the factories that line the coast of Kawasaki, Tokyo Skytree tower and the traditional "yakatabune" roofed party boats docked near Yanagibashi bridge over Kandagawa river.

The route will operate between a dock near Haneda Airport and Manseibashi bridge in Akihabara via the Tennozu district. The 20-kilometer one-way trip will take about two and a half hours to complete.

It will travel along a number of Tokyo's waterways including the Kandagawa, Sumidagawa and Ebitorigawa rivers, and the Keihin canal.

The transport ministry, Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward government, a ferry operator and others have combined to start the project with an eye to a permanent boat link between the two areas. The organization has been assessing since May the possibility of revitalizing the local economy by making use of a dock at Akihabara, which is rarely used nowadays.

The profitability of the project will be assessed by analyzing the results of a survey of approximately 1,500 people scheduled to participate in the trial.