Elderly Man, Woman Die Of Heatstroke In Tokyo

Elderly man, woman die of heatstroke in Tokyo

A man and a woman in their 80s were found dead in their Tokyo apartment on Sunday morning. They are believed to have died from heatstroke.

A volunteer welfare worker had suspected that something was wrong and contacted the police. They say the 2 people died a few days ago. The air conditioner and the fan in the room were switched off.

Temperatures soared in eastern and western Japan on Sunday. Daytime highs reached 39.9 degrees Celsius in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, 39.7 degrees in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture, and 39.5 degrees in Kyoto City.

The continuing heat wave has sent many people across the country to hospital with symptoms of heatstroke. A number of deaths have been reported.

Health authorities are calling on people to use air-conditioning, to drink water frequently and to consume an appropriate amount of salt. They add that daytime exercise should be avoided.