Emperor Emeritus, Empress Emerita Visit Kyoto

Emperor Emeritus, Empress Emerita visit Kyoto

Emperor Emeritus Akihito is now in Kyoto with Empress Emerita Michiko to visit the mausoleums of his ancestors and report his abdication.

The Imperial couple arrived at Kyoto Station on Tuesday afternoon. They waved to the many people who had gathered in front of the station to welcome them.

It is the first time the couple has visited a local area since the Emperor Emeritus abdicated on April 30.

The couple will visit two mausoleums of his ancestors on Wednesday. One is of his great-great-grandfather Emperor Komei, and the other of his great-grandfather Emperor Meiji.

Their visit to the mausoleums is part of rites related to the abdication of the Emperor Emeritus, and it will be the last of the ceremonies to be completed. They have already visited three other mausoleums, including the one of Emperor Showa.

The Imperial couple will return to Tokyo on Thursday.