Emperor, Empress Talk To Senior Citizens Online

Emperor, Empress talk to senior citizens online

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako have sent online messages of encouragement to the elderly in Tokyo and the southwestern prefecture of Oita.

The Emperor and Empress were at the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo on Wednesday. They watched a group in Oita Prefecture helping the elderly maintain good health conditions and also monitored senior citizens at a human resources center in Tokyo.

They first watched people doing exercise to music in Oita.

The Empress told a 93-year-old man that he looked very young, and the Emperor asked him what the secrets to his health were. The man replied that he believed doing exercises and watching what he ate were the keys to good health.

The Emperor and Empress then watched video of elderly people repairing and selling furniture at the human resources center in Tokyo.

The Emperor asked a man in charge of sales whether the coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on the number of items sold.

The Emperor and Empress usually visit welfare facilities for the elderly around Respect for the Aged Day in September. Instead, they made virtual visits online this year due to the pandemic.