Emperor Performs Ritual At Imperial Palace

Emperor performs ritual at Imperial Palace

In just a few hours, Japan's new Emperor will formally proclaim his enthronement.

Emperor Naruhito took the throne in May, but today his accession will be celebrated by dignitaries of Japan and other countries. Prior to the key ceremony, the Emperor performed a ritual at the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo.

The Emperor has visited the three Imperial sanctuaries. He reported to the Sun Goddess, the souls of his ancestors, and various deities that the enthronement ceremony will be held today.

Then, the Empress separately visited the sanctuaries.

Crown Prince and Princess Akishino and other Imperial family members, as well as the country's leaders attended the ritual.

Despite the rain, people from around Japan came out to celebrate.

At 1 p.m., the Emperor will perform the key enthronement ceremony in which he will speak from the throne at the palace's State Hall. He will declare his accession before representatives of Japan and other countries.

A motorcade parade was planned for this afternoon.

But the government postponed it by three weeks to focus on the recovery efforts in areas affected by typhoon Hagibis.

The first of a series of court banquets to celebrate the Emperor's enthronement will be held as scheduled this evening.