Erika Sawajiri Indicted For Drug Possession

Erika Sawajiri indicted for drug possession

Prosecutors in Tokyo have indicted actress Erika Sawajiri for possessing narcotics. Her lawyer immediately asked a district court to grant her bail.

The 33-year-old star was arrested last month for possessing the synthetic drug MDMA at her apartment in Tokyo.

Investigators also found in her room a piece of paper soaked in LSD.

Sawajiri told them she was given the drugs by an acquaintance a few weeks before.

Naoki Yokokawa, a 38-year-old fashion designer and friend of Sawajiri, was also arrested last week for allegedly possessing MDMA.

Sources close to the investigation say Sawajiri has admitted to taking drugs for more than 10 years, but tested negative for drugs in a urine test.