Evacuation Orders And Advisories In Kyushu

Evacuation orders and advisories in Kyushu

Residents of the entire city of Kagoshima and seven other municipalities in southwestern Japan have been ordered to evacuate, as continuing heavy rain may trigger mudslides or other disasters.

As of 15:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the municipalities had issued the evacuation order to a total of over 990,000 people of about 460,000 households across the areas.

Evacuation advisories have also been issued to about 875,000 people of about 414,000 households in other parts of Kagoshima prefecture, as well as Kumamoto and Miyazaki prefectures.

Municipalities have issued both advisories and orders, which are both at a second highest level of 4 on a 5-stage warning system concerning heavy rain. Orders are more urgent than advisories.

An evacuation advisory urges people in the designated area to evacuate promptly to shelters prepared by municipalities or other safe places.

An evacuation order is issued when the likelihood of a disaster becomes more pressing, and is designed to make people aware of the urgent need for evacuation. In the case of an evacuation order, everyone concerned should evacuate immediately. Those who find it more dangerous to move to a designated shelter should flee to a safer place nearby, or move to higher floors of their homes.