Evacuation Orders Issued In Western Japan

Evacuation orders issued in western Japan

Heavy rain has increased the risk of landslides in parts of northern Kyushu.

Local officials are issuing evacuation orders for areas of Fukuoka Prefecture.

An evacuation order covering parts of the city of Asakura was issued shortly after 5 a.m. on Sunday. People living elsewhere in the city were advised to evacuate as well.

And in the city of Kurume, also in Fukuoka Prefecture, similar orders and advisories went out.

Officials in the city's fire department say some roads are flooded and the rising water level is threatening houses.

All residents of the village of Toho in the prefecture were advised to evacuate.

In Hiroshima Prefecture in western Japan, the city of Hatsukaichi has ordered or advised residents of parts of the city to evacuate.

Also in the city of Hiroshima, people living in part of the city were advised to evacuate due to a landslide risk.