Event To Prepare For Tokyo Mega - Quake Held

Event to prepare for Tokyo mega-quake held

A three-day event designed to allow participants to experience life in the aftermath of a mega-quake has been held in Tokyo.

The aim of the occasion was to provide food for thought to survivors of the disaster in three stages -- namely, seven days following the mega-quake, three months later and three years later.

The event, which wrapped up on Monday, was held in a park in Tokyo's Koganei City. It was the brainchild of a group of anti-disaster specialists and local government officials. About 100 people, including families and students, took part.

Participants spent three days living in tents under the assumption no evacuation centers would be available.

Experts gave them tips on hygiene issues that survivors may face just after the disaster, temporary housing units that will not be readily available to all, as well as specific steps for reconstructing their lives.

Tokyo Metropolitan University Professor Emeritus Itsuki Nakabayashi, who sponsored the event, said anti-disaster drills focus on how to respond to a disaster several days after it hits, but it is actually later when survivors face a grim reality.

He says as evacuation centers and temporary housing units will likely be significantly lacking, he wants people to learn about the severe consequences of disasters to be better prepared for them.