Ex - Official Was Executive At Plant Security Firm

Ex-official was executive at plant security firm

It has been learned that a former deputy mayor of the town of Takahama in central Japan who gave money and gifts to executives of Kansai Electric Power Company was a director of a local firm in charge of nuclear plant security.

Eiji Moriyama gave money and gifts worth about 3 million dollars to top executives and other officials of KEPCO, the operator of the Takahama nuclear plant in the town, over seven years through 2018. Moriyama died this year.

A register shows that after he left public office, Moriyama took up the directorial post at the Takahama town-based firm that sends security guards to KEPCO's nuclear plants in Fukui Prefecture. He served until May 2017.

The firm refuses to answer any questions about Moriyama.

Sources with the local construction industry say Moriyama served as an adviser or had other links to several firms commissioned with nuclear plant-related projects. One of the firms provided Moriyama with the money later given to KEPCO officials.

The sources say one company asked Moriyama to have KEPCO commission it with projects worth tens of millions of dollars annually.