Exhibit Of Hibakusha Items Planned In Oslo

Exhibit of hibakusha items planned in Oslo

Items from the atomic bombed cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are expected to be part of an exhibition held in Norway to mark the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize went to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, or ICAN, for its efforts leading to the adoption of a landmark treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

Japanese survivors, known as hibakusha, will attend next month's award ceremony in Oslo.

For the occasion, the city's Nobel Peace Center will hold an exhibition about ICAN. It will also display the personal belongings of atomic bomb victims.

Ikuro Anzai, Honorary Director of the Kyoto Museum for World Peace at Ritsumeikan University, is involved in the plans. He said Nobel Peace Center officials will visit Japan this week to discuss the project.

The officials are reportedly seeking to borrow a Hiroshima victim's school uniform from the museum. They are also looking at items from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

The Hiroshima museum wants to offer personal belongings, such as clothing and bags, to the exhibition.

The city of Nagasaki also plans to be involved.

Officials from the museum say they want the ceremony to be an opportunity for people around the world to learn about the atrocities of atomic weapons.