Exhibition Dedicated To Late Scholar Donald Keene

Exhibition dedicated to late scholar Donald Keene

An exhibition highlighting the life and achievements of the late scholar of Japanese literature, Donald Keene, is underway at a museum in Kashiwazaki City, central Japan. Keene died in February.

Keene revived a traditional puppet theatrical performance set in the city to give encouragement to survivors of the major earthquake that hit the city and surrounding areas in 2007. It was the first time in about 300 years that the performance had been staged.

The Donald Keene Center Kashiwazaki began an exhibition featuring the scholar's life earlier this month, showcasing 46 items such as photographs and videos.

One photo shows Keene working for the US military during World War Two as an officer who spoke Japanese.

Another exhibit explains that Keene started to understand the mindset of Japanese people after reading a diary written by a soldier of the now-defunct Imperial Japanese military.

The museum's deputy director, Yoshito Nakatsu, said he hopes the exhibition will help visitors understand the good quality of Japanese literature, which Keene tried to spread.

The event will run through July 15.