Families Appeal For Abductees' Return

Families appeal for abductees' return

The families of Japanese nationals abducted by North Korea have urged the Japanese government to make the utmost efforts to bring their loved ones home.

A group of the families held a rally in Tokyo on Sunday.

The group's leader, Shigeo Iizuka, gave the opening speech. His sister, Yaeko Taguchi, was abducted in the 1970s.

Iizuka said Japan has been deceived by North Korea many times. He said he wants the Japanese government to focus on bringing the abductees home.

Sakie Yokota's daughter, Megumi, was abducted in the 70s. She said the families have struggled with deep loneliness for 40 years.

She said she hopes that the abduction issue won't be left untouched and that it will be resolved soon.

Hitomi Soga is a former abductee who returned to Japan 16 years ago. Her mother is still unaccounted for.

Soga brought a watch that her mother gave her. She said she hasn't seen her for 40 years and she really misses her.

She said the watch stopped several times while she was in North Korea. She said she often wonders what happened to her mother. She said the watch has been a good timekeeper since she came back to Japan. She said she believes her mother is fine and hanging in there while wishing to return to Japan.

The families adopted a resolution to demand that North Korea accept substantial negotiations to bring the abductees back home.

They also want the Japanese government to maintain its pressure on North Korea and make all-out efforts to achieve the immediate return of all the abductees.