Farm Sector, Small Firms Hit Hard By Typhoons

Farm sector, small firms hit hard by typhoons

A month after Typhoon Hagibis caused extensive damage to many parts of Japan, total losses to farming and industry are not fully known yet, and are still rising.

According to the agriculture ministry, losses caused by the severe storms in September and October to farming, fisheries and forestry are now at 2.8 billion dollars.

That is the second-highest figure for typhoon-related losses since records began in 1964. The ministry is currently putting together an aid package for farmers.

Small and medium-sized businesses were also badly hit. The industry ministry says losses to these enterprises rose to 4.4 billion dollars as of the end of October. That is the highest figure since a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated northeastern Japan in 2011.

As to which prefectures were hit hardest, Fukushima suffered 980 million dollars in damage. Miyagi was close behind, at about 890 million dollars. Nagano and Tochigi both suffered around 700 million dollars in damage.

The government's aid package is worth about 460 million dollars.