Father's Day Gifts For Panda In Wakayama Zoo

Father's Day gifts for panda in Wakayama zoo

A giant panda was given Father's Day gifts on Sunday at a zoo in Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan.

Eimei was raised at Adventure World in Shirahama Town, and has 15 children.

The gifts included carrots shaped like roses and his favorite food, bamboo. He was also presented with snow statues of four of his children. Eimei ate the bamboo and touched the statues.

The giant panda is 26 years old -- the equivalent of a man in his late 70s. Eimei and his partner, Rauhin, had a baby panda named Saihin last August.

A family visiting from Mie Prefecture said Eimei is cute and looks energetic for his age, and they hope he will continue to have good health.