Final Group Of Passengers Disembark Virus - Hit Ship

Final group of passengers disembark virus-hit ship

The last group of passengers to test negative and show no symptoms for the new coronavirus have disembarked from a quarantined cruise ship docked near Tokyo.

A man in his 70s said, " I just want to sit around and take a bath for now."

Another male passenger said, "I will stay at home without going out for a while."

970 people have left the Diamond Princess since the 14-day quarantine period ended on Wednesday. 634 have contracted the virus. On Thursday, two passengers died.

Anyone who tested negative but shared a cabin with an infected person is required to stay at a government-provided facility.

Officials are asking those who have returned home to monitor their health for two weeks and avoid going out.

Health officials and the ship's operator plan to discuss under what conditions the crew members will be allowed to disembark.

Among them, 78 are Indonesian. The country's president says he wants Japan to provide answers about their health. So far, four have been infected.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said, "We have been asking Japanese government officials repeatedly about the situation but they have yet to respond. We hope they will swiftly inform us about their policy regarding the ship so that we can decide how to bring the Indonesian crew home."

Meanwhile, some Canadians who were on the ship arrived back in the country on Friday. The government says about 50 citizens who tested positive are being treated in Japanese hospitals.

Australian health authorities say two people from the vessel were confirmed to be infected after returning home. They initially tested negative, and are in stable condition.

An Israeli woman who was on the ship has also tested positive.

Officials from the country say she was one of 11 citizens onboard who returned on Friday. They say she was not infected in Israel and is the nation's first case.