Final Showdown Over Foreign Workers

Final showdown over foreign workers

Japan's ruling coalition is pushing to get a controversial bill passed before the end of the day. It would pave the way for hundreds of thousands of foreign workers to enter the country amid a severe labor shortage.

The immigration law revision has been a key issue during this Diet session. It would expand work permits for a wide range of blue-collar and healthcare jobs.

But there are still a lot of questions about how exactly the bill would work.

Japan's prime minister has promised to make that clearer before next April when it is set to come into effect.

The opposition says the government should tackle problems with existing programs before passing the bill.

It's determined to put up as much resistance as possible to block the legislation in the Upper House.

The opposition camp tried to put forward a motion to dismiss a committee chair, but the governing coalition has a majority and voted down the motion.

The current Diet session is set to close on Monday.