Finance Ministry Official Denies Sexual Harassment

Finance ministry official denies sexual harassment

Japan's Finance Ministry says a top bureaucrat is denying a weekly magazine's report alleging that he had sexually harassed female reporters.

The weekly Shukan Shincho reported last week that Administrative Vice Minister Junichi Fukuda repeatedly made remarks to several female reporters that could be taken as sexual harassment.

The ministry on Monday announced the results of its questioning of Fukuda and how the ministry plans to deal with the matter.

Fukuda said in the hearing that he made no such remarks, and that the report is not true. He also said he is preparing to sue the magazine's publisher for defamation.

The vice minister indicated that he had no intention of resigning, saying he will steadily continue his duties.

The Finance Ministry said it will commission a lawyer to continue its investigation into the matter so as to secure objectivity.

The ministry also called for cooperation from the female reporters who engaged in the conversations mentioned in the magazine article.