Fire Breaks Out In Kyoto's Gion District

Fire breaks out in Kyoto's Gion district

A fire has broken out in a renowned entertainment district of Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto.

On Monday night, firefighters were alerted to the blaze that engulfed a two-story wooden building on the main street of the Gion district. The building reportedly houses an eatery.

They said the area was filled with smoke as the fire spread to nearby structures.

The fire was still burning as of 11:15 p.m. and 28 fire engines had been deployed to the scene.

Authorities say no injuries have been reported so far.

Firefighters said some signs point to the fire possibly starting in a kitchen of the wooden building.

The owner of a nearby Japanese restaurant said the fire grew after she heard an explosion.

She added that she already ordered geisha apprentices known as "maiko" at her establishment to evacuate.

The owner said she is worried about sparks flying from the fire, as the neighborhood has wooden buildings close to each other.