First Batch Of Supercomputer Units Shipped

First batch of supercomputer units shipped

Shipments of units that will make up of the next-generation Japanese supercomputer Fugaku have begun.

A ceremony was held on Monday at a production base in Ishikawa Prefecture, central Japan, after the first six of more than 400 units that will constitute Fugaku were built.

Fugaku, or Mount Fuji, is the successor of the K model, which was once the world's fastest supercomputer and ended operation in August this year.

The RIKEN research institute and electronics maker Fujitsu are jointly developing the new model. Fugaku will be set up at RIKEN's institute in the western city of Kobe.

Fujitsu says the new computer is projected to achieve one of the world's fastest calculations, but power consumption is only about 30 percent of that for supercomputers of a similar structure.

The maker also says Fugaku will be used for more accurate forecasts for the weather and global environment, as well as for developing new medicine.

Shipments will continue for about six months. The operation of Fugaku is expected to start in 2021.