First Japan - British Drill Held Near Mt. Fuji

First Japan-British drill held near Mt. Fuji

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and the British army have held their first joint exercise near Mount Fuji in central Japan.

The drill began on Sunday and is scheduled to take place at the Kita-Fuji exercise camp in the area and other places for 13 days. It was agreed upon at a Japan-British summit in August last year.

On Tuesday, part of the exercise held at a JGSDF school in Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan, was disclosed to media.

Personnel from the 2 countries were engaged in a training session on a scenario of defending remote islands.

The Japan Self-Defense Forces is increasingly holding joint exercises with the US military and other countries' forces as the security environment surrounding Japan changes due to China's maritime presence and other reasons.

JGSDF Lieutenant General Yuichi Takada, who heads the school, said boosting defense cooperation with Britain, which shares fundamental values with Japan, is important not only for Japan's security but also for the stability and prosperity of the entire international community, including the Indo-Pacific region.

The Kita-Fuji training camp, which will be used for the joint exercise, is only allowed to be used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the US military. A local council on the matter gave special approval for one-time use in the drill.