Fishermen To Seek Damages For Ogawara Lake Ban

Fishermen to seek damages for Ogawara Lake ban

Fishermen in northern Japan are planning to demand compensation for a fishing ban imposed after a US fighter jet dumped fuel tanks into a lake.

The F16 jet that took off from the US Misawa Airbase offloaded 2 fuel tanks into the nearby Ogawara Lake after developing an engine fire on Tuesday. No-one was injured.

The local fishery association has banned fishing in the lake until the safety of the water can be confirmed.

The association plans to demand compensation for the losses caused by the ban. It also wants the fuel tanks to be removed from the lake as soon as possible.

The association estimates the fishermen are losing about 28-thousand dollars a day. The lake is known as a rich fishing ground. Freshwater clams, smelt, and whitebait are usually caught at this time of the year.

The head of the association, Masataka Hamada, said the situation is very regrettable, and the fishermen will seek compensation while discussing the matter with local authorities.