Flights, Bullet Trains Suspended Across Hokkaido

Flights, bullet trains suspended across Hokkaido

Public transit has also been paralyzed across the island prefecture.

Aviation authorities canceled all flights at New Chitose Airport on Thursday. The country's transport ministry says a partial ceiling collapse and burst water pipes have shut down the airport's terminal. Workers are also checking runways for damage.

Shinkansen bullet train service is suspended. Most local trains have also stopped.

Many roadways have large craters and gaps that have made it impossible for vehicles to operate.

Public bus services have shut down and many highways have closed. Schools are also closed for the day.
People are trying to stock up on emergency supplies. In the town of Hidaka, this long line of vehicles is waiting at a service station.

The water supply has also been affected by the earthquake. It's been cut off to swaths of the island.

Hospitals are on emergency backup power. Officials say some of key hospitals are partially or completely unable to deal with emergency treatment.

Meanwhile, crews are working to restore electricity to nearly 3 million buildings on the island, but that will take days.

Hokkaido Electric Power Company says after the quake it shut down all of its thermal power plants. It says they couldn't continue to safely supply electricity. At one plant, the operator says, they found cracks in pipes leading to a turbine.