Floating Wind Turbine Begins Slow Trip To Off Fukushima Coast

Floating wind turbine begins slow trip to off Fukushima coastA massive floating wind turbine with an output capacity of 5 megawatts began the slow journey to its final destination off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture on July 2.
The turbine had been undergoing assembly off the coast of Sumoto Port on Awajishima island, Hyogo Prefecture.

With its completion, tugboats began the slow trip to waters off Fukushima Prefecture. Traveling at a speed equivalent to a human adult walking at a brisk pace, or between six to eight kph, the turbine is expected to complete the journey of about 960 kilometers and reach the waters where it will be permanently installed on July 8, according to the schedule.

It will be one of three to be set up about 20 kilometers off the coast of Fukushima as part of an experimental research project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The electricity-generating windmill was constructed by a group of companies, including Japan Marine United Corp. and Hitachi Ltd.

Each of the three wings on the turbine is 62 meters long. The tip of one of the wings stands about 150 meters above water at its highest point.

According to the industry ministry, the turbine's output of 5 megawatts will make it the second largest capacity in the world behind one already installed off Fukushima Prefecture. The first has an output capacity of 7 megawatts.

The base for the second turbine was constructed in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture.