Foreign Tourists Unaware Of Fish Market Move

Foreign tourists unaware of fish market move

Foreign tourists hoping to visit Tokyo's famous wholesale fish market in Tsukiji have been surprised to find out that it moved.

The market closed last Saturday and reopened on Thursday in Toyosu, about 2 kilometers away. A tourist information desk outside the Tsukiji location is offering English fliers about the new market.

A Chinese couple who arrived in Japan in the morning said they came to eat at a sushi restaurant in Tsukiji, but were surprised to find out it had moved. The couple said they would look for another sushi restaurant nearby.

Two women from Hawaii were also caught unaware by the move. They said they would go shopping elsewhere in Tsukiji.

But a Portuguese couple said they knew about the move because it's mentioned in their guidebook. They said the move is not affecting their sightseeing plan.