Foreigner Operates Drone Over Shibuya No - Fly Zone

Foreigner operates drone over Shibuya no-fly zone

Tokyo police have issued a warning to a foreign tourist who flew a drone over a busy scramble crossing in Shibuya Ward on Sunday.

Japanese law prohibits operating unmanned aircraft over crowded urban areas.

At the time, most pedestrians are thought not to have noticed the drone flying above them. No accidents or commotions were reported.

An NHK employee filmed the drone using a smartphone. The employee says the orange drone soared to an altitude of about eight floors high, and remained airborne for at least several minutes as it flew above the scramble crossing.

The video shows a man on a pedestrian crossing manipulating the drone. Police approached him when he stopped operating it.

Police say the drone's operator was a foreign tourist. They quote him as saying he did not know flying drones over the scramble crossing is illegal.

Police say he has no connection with suspicious objects observed flying near the Imperial Palace and elsewhere in Tokyo earlier this month.