Former Pop Idol Publishes First Book In 39 Years

Former pop idol publishes first book in 39 years

A Japanese pop idol of the 1970s, Momoe Yamaguchi, has published her first book since she retired nearly four decades ago.

The former singer, who is now 60, gave up her career at the peak of her fame to marry actor Tomokazu Miura in 1980.

Her book, "Bouquet du temps," was released on Friday.

It features 70 quilts and other items she made after quitting showbiz. They include works for family members and friends, as well as a tapestry she dedicated to the areas that were devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan.

Miura writes that making quilts eased the anxiety she felt at the time of the disaster. She says she prayed for the early reconstruction of these places and that feeling remains the same even now.

Miura says she will donate the royalties from the book to charities that help the affected areas.

The publisher says "Bouquet du temps" has an initial print run of 100,000 copies -- an unusually large number for a book about quilts.

A woman who bought the book in Tokyo says she knew Miura made quilts but she had never seen them before. She says she was impressed because they have beautiful designs and colors.

She says she will enjoy the book because she can learn what the former pop star has been doing since she retired.