G20 Leaders Arrive In Osaka

G20 leaders arrive in Osaka

Two major world powers have now arrived in Osaka for the G20 summit, bringing with them a trade conflict that threatens to overshadow any other discussion.

The US and China are locked in an escalating tariff war, which more broadly threatens the global economy.

With so much at stake, Japan's prime minister is working to keep the summit agenda on track -- even before talks begin.

Shinzo Abe said, "People tend to focus on differences in the international community, but Japan as the host country will focus on what countries have in common and what they can agree on."

Abe is looking to other world leaders for help in this regard. He's already spoken with the leaders of India and Singapore, as well as the president of the European Union.

And he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

As leaders continue to arrive, they'll no doubt have more than looming trade friction on their minds.

President Donald Trump's strong foreign tactics to deal with the middle east have sparked international criticism. And conflicting views on the best ways to tackle climate change may make it difficult to reach consensus on pressing environmental issues.