G20 Leaders To Aim At Zero Marine Plastic Waste

G20 leaders to aim at zero marine plastic waste

NHK has learned final preparations are ongoing ahead of the upcoming G20 summit to have participating nations jointly aim to reduce new plastic marine waste to zero by 2050.

The summit opens in Osaka, western Japan, on Friday.

Along with discussions on the global economy and trade, tackling plastic marine waste is high on the agenda. Attention will be focused on whether leaders can show unity over the issue.

Against this backdrop, efforts are being made to see that the leaders endorse the so-called Osaka Blue Ocean Vision, which aims to reduce ocean plastic waste to zero by improving waste management and exploiting technological breakthroughs.

Environment and energy ministers of the Group of 20 met in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, earlier this month to discuss the problem of plastic waste that finds its way to the oceans.

Ministers endorsed a joint statement that calls for the creation of an international framework for countries to regularly report their efforts to reduce plastic waste.