G20 Ministers To Discuss Universal Health Care

G20 ministers to discuss universal health care

While G20 leaders are meeting in Osaka, their finance and health ministers will be holding a separate session to discuss global health issues.

Japan plans to call for stronger ties between G20 financial and health authorities to achieve universal health coverage, or UHC, throughout the world.

The World Bank has proposed that the G20 hold the joint session every two years.

World Bank Chief Kristalina Georgieva said the World Bank believes if they could now focus on financing health systems and move rapidly to UHC, then by 2030, the progress would be remarkable.

A World Bank report says 3.6 billion people, or about half of the world's population, lacked access to essential health services as of 2016.

Tight government budgets in developing countries often mean there is no money to fund public medical insurance systems. The result is large numbers of people going without treatment or falling into poverty.