G20 Summit Talks Underway In Osaka

G20 summit talks underway in Osaka

World leaders are in Day 2 of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. They are looking at ways to narrow global inequality and tackle climate change.

The meeting's chair, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, stressed the need to reduce the wealth gap between developed and emerging countries.

He said, "Globalization and technological innovation have brought huge benefits, but there are also concerns over widening gaps. We should face up to this issue and spread the fruits of growth throughout society."

The day's final session will cover climate change and environmental issues.

The summit wraps up Saturday afternoon, when members are expected to release a joint declaration.

Sources say the Japanese government believes it would be unproductive to discuss whether the declaration should express the need to fight protectionism.

Instead, the government is considering a different form of words, such as the necessity of securing open markets and fair competition, or creating trade and investment environments that are free, fair, and non-discriminatory.

Abe will hold a news conference to summarize the outcome of the meeting.