Ghosn Expected To Be Out Soon

Ghosn expected to be out soon

After more than 100 days in detention, ousted Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn could get bail at any moment. But necessary paperwork and bail payment could take time.

Ghosn has been indicted for aggravated breach of trust and underreporting his compensation for years to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

Since his arrest he has lost chairman positions at Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi.

The auto tycoon has insisted on his innocence.

In a statement issued through his family's lawyer, he vowed to fight what he calls "meritless and unsubstantiated" accusations. It said he's committed to vigorously defending himself in a fair trial.

Ghosn's bail was set at 9 million dollars on Tuesday.
The court's decision marked a surprising turnaround after two previous bail requests were shot down.

This time, Ghosn has a new legal team and it proposed measures to ensure he won't flee or destroy evidence --both were reportedly concerns of the court.

Ghosn has a lengthy list to follow.
It includes not being allowed to leave Japan, and being prohibited from contacting people involved with the case.
Ghosn must submit to video surveillance and internet restrictions.

He also needs to get court approval in advance to attend board meetings of Nissan or Renault.