Ghosn Released On Bail After 108 Days In Det

Ghosn released on bail after 108 days in det

The Former Chairman of Nissan Motor is free on bail. After spending over 100 days in custody, Carlos Ghosn posted nearly nine million dollars and walked out of a Tokyo detention center.

Ghosn stepped outside at around 4:30 PM on Wednesday, in disguise. He was wearing a worker's uniform, a cap and mask. He then got into a van and made his way to the office of one of his lawyers.

Ghosn is facing a number of bail conditions. The 64-year-old can't leave Japan. He's prohibited from contacting people involved with the case. Cameras will be watching who is coming and going from his residence. And he's restricted from using the internet.

Ghosn has been indicted for aggravated breach of trust and underreporting his compensation...charges he denies. The court made the decision to free Ghosn on bail on Tuesday. It was his third request but first with a new legal team he hired last month.

One of Ghosn's lawyers has a reputation for winning acquittals in high-profile cases. The team filed the request last week, pitching measures to ensure Ghosn won't flee or destroy evidence. Ghosn also needs court approval in advance to attend board meetings at Nissan or Renault.

He oversaw the alliance between those carmakers and Mitsubishi Motors. But following his arrest, Nissan and Mitsubishi ousted him as chairman. Renault kept him in the top post, but he eventually resigned in January.