Ghosn's Release Procedure Detailed

Ghosn's release procedure detailed

Former Nissan Motor Chairman Carlos Ghosn will be released from the Tokyo Detention House once it is confirmed that he has posted his bail.

The release procedure begins when the prosecutors give the detention house written instructions to free Ghosn.

Sources say Ghosn's personal belongings, such as his wallet and clothing, will be returned to him.

Officials will ask Ghosn questions to confirm his identity. This is to make sure the wrong person is not released.

The release procedure usually takes about an hour. Ghosn will then be handed over to his lawyers in a waiting room.

But sources say it could take longer for Ghosn, as he received many books and other items while in detention.

The procedure took about one hour for former Nissan representative director Greg Kelly. He was freed after the court rejected the prosecution's appeal and he posted bail in December.