Giant Ice Wreath Co - Stars With Mount Fuji In Thrilling Scene

Giant ice wreath co-stars with Mount Fuji in thrilling sceneThis huge doughnut-shaped ice sculpture looks good enough to eat--and the view of Mount Fuji through its ring is the icing on top.
Visitors can see the striking artwork on the premises of a resort hotel here through late February, depending on the weather in the Kiyosato highland.

Work on the sculpture, which measures about 2.4 meters across and weighs about 800 kilograms, started in mid-December. Water was stored in a circular pool and gradually frozen.

The creation process was not smooth, as warmer weather melted the once-frozen ice, reducing its size. However, the second trial was successful, and the enormous ring was completed on Jan. 22.

The sculpture is on display in front of the statue of Paul Rusch, founder of the Seisenryo hotel in Hokuto’s Takanecho district and “the father of American football in Japan,” who came from Kentucky.

Visitors taking in the view can also enjoy other nearby attractions such as glimpsing snow-covered Mount Yatsugatake, soaking in a foot bath or eating whippy ice cream, a specialty of the town.