Global Warming Could Bring More Snow To Some Areas

Global warming could bring more snow to some areas

Researchers in Japan have warned that global warming will likely bring heavy snow to mountainous areas in eastern Japan.

A team led by Tohoku University Assistant Professor Takahiro Sasai simulated how snow would fall if global average temperatures rise by four degrees Celsius due to global warming.

According to their findings, the amount of snowfall will decrease along the Pacific and Sea of Japan coasts at the height of a snow season.

But mountainous areas along the Sea of Japan coast, mainly in eastern Japan, would get more snow.

Particularly in mountainous areas stretching from Gifu Prefecture to Niigata Prefecture, the frequency of heavy snowfall of over 60 centimeters a day will likely increase from once in four decades to once in ever eight or nine years.

The researchers say global warming will drive sea surface temperatures higher, which in turn leads to an increase in the amount of water vapor in the air.

They say this will result in heavier snowfall, because temperatures of high-altitude cold air masses will not likely rise very much.

Professor Sasai said people in the region will need to be vigilant when a serious cold snap is coming.