Gourmet Institute Selects Coriander Cuisine As Dish Of Year

Gourmet institute selects coriander cuisine as dish of yearA private gourmet institute said it has selected food featuring coriander, an herb known around the world for its rich aroma, as the dish of the year for 2016, citing its growing popularity in Japanese food culture.

Coriander, previously regarded in Japan only as an ethnic condiment and seasoning, has come to play a leading role in various dishes including salads, hotpot meals, cocktails and desserts at many restaurants and at home, the Tokyo-based Gurunavi Research Institute said.

"Against the backdrop of a heightening healthy trend, vegetables that had not played a central role in meals have come under the spotlight," it said.

The herb is widely used in a variety of cuisines including Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Portuguese, Mexican and Indian, according to the institute.

Japanese wine was runner-up for dish of the year and churrasco, a Brazilian dish, was named as winner of the "national bond award."