Government On Full Alert For Typhoon

Government on full alert for typhoon

Japan's top government officials are carefully monitoring the situation across the country as Typhoon Hagibis edges closer to the eastern coastline.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kazuhiro Sugita and the head of the cabinet crisis management group Yoshiki Okita are overseeing a taskforce set up at the prime minister's office.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is standing by at his residence, which is next door.

Abe instructed ministers on Friday to gather information on the damage caused by the storm, and share the details with the public as swiftly as possible.

He instructed them to work proactively with local municipalities, and called on residents to exercise extreme caution.

The Defense Ministry has placed about 17,000 Self-Defense Forces personnel on alert so that they can be deployed immediately for rescue operations.

They are mainly from the units stationed in the Kanto region and Shizuoka Prefecture.

The ministry also has set up a Twitter account to publish information about the SDF's disaster response efforts.